......dia sayang kamu, kamu mainkan dia. dia jaga kamu, kamu tak pedulikan dia. dia cintakan kamu, kamu curang di belakang dia. kamu akan rasa kehilangan satu hari nanti, tapi dia takkan pernah kembali.......

mereka boleh. saya boleh

i dont want it to happen no more
i dont want anymore everything i loved.
became everything i lost.
it comes and go.
but this time, i want it to come and i dont want it to go.

for my PAST TENSE.
thanks for those memories u gave to me
i'll neva forget those moment.
i know ur happy too there. ryte?

what are you afraid of?
afraid of having another love again?
afraid of falling down again?
oouh come on.
dun give up on trying sumthing.
they can do it.
so why don't you?
move forward. don't look back

p/s : life must go on no matter what happened

hanya manusia biasa


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